Thursday, 20 December 2012

Wednewsday 19th December

Image of the Week: The Hangover Part III - yes, it's really happening - has released its first few images through EW, including the shot below of the Wolfpack doing a Beatles-style stroll across Vegas. Maybe Justin Bartha will finally get some screen time.

Good News: Peter Jackson has confirmed that extended DVD editions will be released for The Hobbit films. In fact, he has already cut the An Unexpected Journey extended edition. Deleted scenes will include a scene with Gandalf and a young Bilbo Baggins, plus another at Rivendell where the dwarves play a prank on the elves.

Bad News: Disney have decided to make another Tron film, despite the lukewarm reaction to 2010's Tron Legacy. Garrett Hedlund is due back as Sam Flynn and director Joseph Kosinski is tasked with bringing the grid to life again. But Tron doesn't needs to be milked any further. It should have stayed in the eighties and remained a cult classic.

Mad News: Ricky Gervais is due to replace Jason Segel as the lead in The Muppets 2. Will his trademark cynicism and world-weariness blend well with Kermit's feel-good gang?

Trailer News: the teaser trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness certainly lives up to the film's title. Things are looking bleak for the Starship Enterprise...

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